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Our Upper Body Piercing Course 

How Our Course Is Unique.

Our course is completed over 3-4 days, 1 days theory from 2-6 hours depending on students experience, and 2-3 days piercing on live models, we arrange between 15-26 piercings over the 3 days.

We understand that there may be some time between you passing your course and piercing solo, due to delays with finding a space, set up, registering with the local council, and building a client base, so we welcome you to return for up to 6 additional piercing models within 2 years, so long as our business remains open, this must be requested and booked in advance.

Our course offers 1 trainer to 1 student, this allows us to give you our full attention. We only allow more than 1 student on our course if the students are familiar, work together, or have similar previous experience. In this case we offer a discounted rate you, but you will always be notified of this, and have the chance be placed on a course alone instead if you prefer. 

We gain consent from every model to take images of your piercings (excluding nipple) and these can be used by yourself after training to gain clients.

Because our courses can be taken 1-2-1 this allows you to be flexible with dates and times, if you are unable to start your course until a certain time or need to be finished by a certain time we can accommodate you to the best of our ability, we can also allow for the course to be taken over a period of time instead of consecutively.

Our trainer has been actively piercing since 2014 and holds a UK recognised level 3 AET teaching qualification, courses are also accredited by The British Beauty group & BAS INTERNATIONS which is recognised within the UK, shows that our courses are of a high standard, and go through vigorous assessment via our accrediting body, to ensure we offer the very best to our students, it also makes the courses more acceptable to insurance companies.