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Become A Trainer For Acute Plus

Benefits Of Training For An Already Established Academy:

Saving in cost: It costs time and money to set up to train others, expenses include:

  • Manuals (which need editing and updating)

  • Accreditation (yearly renewal required, and additional costs for various changes) 

  • Design fees 

  • We can offer payment plan for sign up fee, even though it is only £250 we can take this payment over the  period of time that it takes you to complete your AET LEVEL 3, or we also accept KLARNA

You could gain clientele from being apart of our academy, should a student want to train using with our academy you could be the trainer they are sent to as you can be added to our website and to our Instagram pages. 

If you are not busy, if you find business is slow to begin with, or if you decide to change your mind, you simply stop without the worry of wasted time and cost, you don't even have to cancel, you can simply take a break or stop, because we don't charge a set fee, we only take a small percentage from each course, so if you don't train you don't pay, giving you flexibility. 

If you are inexperienced and just starting out there is a lot to learn about opening an academy, this could be a great way to gain experience, before going at it alone. 

No hard feelings, there is no contract in place you are not committed to completing a certain number of students, if you stop training for us or decide training isn't for you, simple let us know so we can fill your space.


Need To Know Information:

You are under our accreditation, you use our academy name, you use our manuals, assessment methods and practical training requirements, to ensure you are meeting the standards required to provide this course, to the level that it was accredited at, if you do not follow these requirement’s you are not providing our course and there by teaching an unaccredited course, which is not associated with us, this is at your own risk, and to avoid this we require proof of training from every course that you provide, including written assessment of theory and practical aspects, images of the students work throughout practical assessment, a copy of the full name, date of birth, address, and what course they are taking, keep a log of this for yourself also.


Accidents / Claims Made:

Should something go wrong, if a student is unhappy with their training, if there is a need for making a claim, if a student or model is injured, you and your insurance is liable, this is because even though you are training for us, we require for you to have your own insurance in place, we require proof of your insurance before taking you on as a trainer, we provide you with your own teaching qualification (if you don’t already have one) and you are to obtain a teaching extension with said insurer, this is because we will not be present during training, and we can not take the risk of having someone insured under us while we are not present. If you did have/need a teaching qualification from us, be sure to ask your insurance if this is covered being an online course, we are not responsible to ensure that you are following your insurance requirements for both providing and teaching treatments, and we can not be held liable if you are not following your insurance requirement’s for teaching.


You are not employed:

You are considered self employed think of it as renting a chair in a salon, you are liable for your own business, but in this case you are renting the academy status, accreditation, manuals, support, certification and more  from us with the payments made to us during sign up and percentage per course. We are only involved as far as teaching and training is concerned, should you require the use of insurance you must use your own.



We charge £250 sign up fee, this includes a free AET level 3 accredited course from us, but if you already have this or similar it is still £250 as the course is free. You will be charge 10%-15% per course, this will vary depending on your growth, you will start at 15% and this will be reviewed upon request of either yourself, or the academy director if either of us feels a change in the amount should be made, for example if you find you are paying a high percentage to us because you are doing so many courses, we can the lower the percentage after reviewing the average. If we feel the amount should be higher than 15% we will make you aware and discuss this with you before making any adjustment.

Our percentage should only be paid into our account via bank transfer after you have completed the course, in case of cancellations refunds and so on, we only charge when a course is complete and you yourself receive money for it.

You can come up with your own prices, however if we feel this is not working for us we will discuss it with you.


We ask that you first offer students to pay you via a website platform or in cash instead of via bank transfer if possible this is because we feel taking bank transfer from someone you may not know yet, and for a large amount can feel unprofessional and put students off. So first offer online payment, if you don’t have this available you can get in touch with myself and I can add you onto my platform and add your price as a one off when that student is wanting to make a payment, then I can transfer the amount to yourself excluding our percentage and the percentage that the website charges for taking payment (you will have a copy of proof of this amount), this way you can also offer your students to pay via Klarna as we have this on the website. If this becomes a regular thing we can set you up a permanent space and give you access to the website to make adjustments to your own page / prices.


There are certain expectations/circumstances/

regulations in place, this includes:

  • Make us aware of all of the courses you provide, the amount that you charge per course, the full name, address, and date of birth of the student, what course they take, and a copy of the assessments you make of both theory and practical aspects.

  • Ensure that you are following our manual, recommendations of practical assessments, using good quality products tools and equipment.

  • Ensure that you are following all insurance regulations including medical / consent forms, aftercare, medical condition / medication requirements and so on.

  • Models being 18 or over, and not being charged for their treatment, this is considered business not practice and to comply with accreditation and most insurance you have to conduct practice over business by not charging the model to be covered for a claim made through training.

  • You will be sent the template to write up your own certificates, these require a number to ensure each certificate is unique, and not able to be easily faked, you must contact us for the unique number for each separate certificate.

  • Offering kits to students, this is absolutely fine and you can come up with this yourself, however you must be careful when adding certain brands into your kits, for example if you offer a spray tan kit, and decide you would like to use sienna x products, because they offer their own training courses to become sienna x qualified, we have to ensure the student is fully aware that they are attending a non-branded spray tan course and will not be sienna x trained. We also have to be careful with wording, for example gel extensions nail course and lash lift course, some may say can I take your BIAB course or LVL course, but we have to make all students aware that BIAB & LVL are trademarked words, you will be taking gel extensions course which includes builder in a bottle, and a lash lift course, but have to use / train with specific companies top use their brand / trademarked words.


Follow to comply with accreditation / most insurance:

There are a set number of hours / days that a course must last to comply:

Microblading 1: 1 day theory between 3-6 hours depending on experience. 2 days practical 1 model per day lasting between 3-6 hours.

Lash Lift & Tint 1-4: 1-2 hours theory, 3-4 hours practical, complete 2 models preferably 1 is acceptable.

Brow Lamination, Wax & Tint 1-4: 1-2 hours theory, 3-4 hours practical, complete 2 models preferable, 1 is acceptable.

Lash Extensions 1-4: Classics is pre requisites and takes 1-2 hours theory, and 3-4 hours practical, students must complete each aspect successfully to pass but doesn’t need to complete a full set, you can either remove the lashes before the model leaves, or add a few yourself to ensure they are leaving with a set that is worth coming in for, this can also serve as a demonstration for the student. Volume &/or hybrid lashes, a student is required to complete classics before moving on to hybrids and/or volume, because of this we can use a fake practice head as the model, they can focus on making and applying fans to the head instead of worrying about completing a full set, they need more practice making a fan than they will applying as their isolation technique should be perfect from doing classics. You should teach classics then once confident the student can return to complete volume, this allows them to perfect the basics before learning a more advanced technique. Volume is 30min-2hour theory, if the student completed classic with you the theory will be similar so spend time brushing up on theory, is the student is only doing volume and has already completed theory, spend more time completing theory to ensure the level that they understand is high, in case their previous course didn’t.

Waxing: 1–2hour theory, 3-6 hours practical, complete practical for brows, lip and legs. Excluding intimate areas, can include bikini line if the students requested, however only using strip/warm wax, hot/strip-less wax will be a separate course 1-2 models depending if the model has enough hair/wants to have each area to be waxed.

Hair Extensions: 1-2 hours theory, 3-6 hours practical 1 fake model head.

Hot Stone Massage: 1-2 hours theory, 3-6 hours practical 1 model .

Indian Head Massage: 1-2 hours theory, 2-3 hours practical 1 model .

Gel Polish Application: 1-2 hours theory, 2-3 hours practical 1 model.

Dermaplaning: 1-2 hour theory, 2-3 hours practical, 1-2 models preferably 2,  pre- requisite facial skincare, or level 3 anatomy & physiology.

Henna & Brow Wax: 1-2 hours theory, 2-3 hours practical 1 model.

Manicure & Pedicure: 1-2 hours theory, 3-6 hours practical 1 model.

E-file: 1 hour theory, 1-2 hours practical, fake hand model, or try to incorporate into another nail course and use live model.

Acrylic or Gel Extensions: 1-2 hours theory, 3-5 hours practical, 1 live model, pre-requisite gel polish or manicure.

Microdermabrasion: 1-2 hours theory, 2-3 hours practical, 1-2 models preferably 2,  pre- requisite facial skincare, or level 3 anatomy & physiology.

Facial Skin Care: 1-2 hour theory, 1-3 hours practical, pre-requisite level 3 anatomy & physiology (not essential but preferred)

Microneedling: 1-2 hour theory, 2-3 hours practical, 1-2 live models, 2 referable but 1 acceptable. Pre- requisites level 3 anatomy & physiology.

LED Light Therapy: 1 hour theory, 1 hour practical, pre requisites, facial skincare, or level 3 anatomy & physiology.


If you are creating a package times may vary as a lot of theory is similar for courses that you may package for example facial package, nail tech package will allow you to cover theory in less time, be sure you cover all information and ensure you complete the number hours practical. For example manicure and pedicure and gel polish can have the same model, but brow lamination and henna can not be done in 1 day so need 2 models.



Example of the disclaimers I have in place

Course Information:

Please read before paying for courses, our courses may not be suitable for your needs and requirements and we can not be held responsible.


How many students will attend?

All courses are in person. 1 trainer to between 1-4 students. 

How do I pay / book?

ONLINE: You can purchase through the shop here on the website, this can be done in one full payment, or we also offer KLARNA which allows you to pay in 3  installment.

DIRECT: We also allow you to pay us direct / in installments / in full if you rather bank transfer. The first payment must be made the day you book your course, your course date will not be secured until payment of at least 15% of the full price of the course is made direct into our business bank account, you can then pay as much or as little as you would like up until the week prior to the course date booked. 


  1. You must notify us once payments are made, whether it be the first 15%, full amount, or every payment after that.

  2. The payments can be made in as much or as little amount between the date you first payment and last, but the last payment leading to the total amount being completed, must be made at least 1 week prior to the booked course date. 

  3. If you have not made payment in full at least 1 week prior, the date is not secure and may be given to someone else within that week. This does allow you to reschedule, and give you time to pay by the week before the date you reschedules for, however you may be charged if we do not book anyone else for the dates you booked, with the same amount of time / profit as your course was. If we are unable to fill any of the date(s) you book within that week, you may still be able to take the course but the remaining amount must be paid by the night before the start date, and you will be charged a late payment fee. 

Can I get insurance?

Our courses are fully accredited, this usually makes them insurable, however insurance providers have their own requirements that must be met before they will insurance someone, this could include but may not be limited to, age, experience, previous qualifications, previous convictions, previous insurance experiences (cancellations), the course itself, the company our courses are accredited with and so on. It is not our responsibility and we do not guarantee that you can gain insurance after our courses, you should ask your insurance provider prior to training, to ensure you can be covered. 

When will I receive my course materials?

You may be prompted to make a download once you have purchased via the website, this will only be downloadable / visible for 30 days and then you must get in touch to be sent another copy via email. If you are not prompted to download  or are paying direct then you must contact us to book your course dates once you have made a payment, we will then email you the manual within 24-48 hours. 


Do you provide kits?

No, we don't provide kits of any kind, we recommend trialing products and tools to find what suits your needs best, appose to supplying a kit that we think works for you and every other student, you all have your own personal needs and goals and finding products, tools and equipment that suits you best will show in your work. 

Do I bring a model? 

For beauty courses we do ask you to provide a model, if you are unable we can provide one for you, this needs to be arranged in advance, and may mean there's a slight delay with booking your course if we are unable to get one arranged immediately.

Your models will also require a patch test for certain treatments and this must be completed at least 48 hours prior, we will get in touch to discuss this with you. 

For body piercing course we will provide you with models as we will complete between 15-25 models, and this needs to be organised by us in a specific time frame.

Need To Know Information:

Accredited Within The UK

This means our accreditation is recognised within the UK, insurance may not be covered outside of the UK, always check with your insurance provider.

Deposits / Refunds 

Your course is downloadable upon purchase through the website / sent to you within 24 - 48 hours through direct payment, because of this your course is non refundable, your course has begun as soon as the purchase is made, because you have immediate access.


We understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule due to emergency or illness, we also hope you understand this is a possibility on our behalf as well. If you need to cancel your course, we will allow you to do so with no consequences at all, however, due to us being busy this may mean that we are not able to reschedule you for some time, even if the time is available we have to allow the opportunity for it to be filled by other students. If you cancel more than once your course will no longer be able to be rescheduled and you will not be eligible for a refund due to the amount covering the time and cost wasted by your cancellation, you would have to purchase the course again, either in full or minus the amount left over from covering cost and time if there is any. 

When will you receive a pass / certification:

You are not guaranteed a pass with any course, if you are unable to meet a certain standard by the end of the course, you will need further training, depending on the extent of the training, you may be charged an additional fee, we do provide support during training, and throughout your career free of charge, however the additional charge will cover cost of time that isn't usually required and the amount will depend on the type of training you need, to meet standards. This is rare and unlikely.