Course Information & Booking Courses.

Coming Soon:



-Body Waxing

-Spray Tanning

-Hot Stone Massage 

-Indian Head Massage 


-LED Light Therapy 

-Russian Lashes 

-Manicure & Pedicure 


-Gel Nail Extensions

Courses Currently Available:

-Individual Lash Extensions

-Gel Polish Application

-Lash Lift & Tint 

-Brow & Lash Tint & Brow Wax

-Brow Lamination 

-Upper Body Piercing & Dermal Anchor

Course Information:

 Please read before booking any courses as   this information will not be explained after   booking, and we are not responsible should   any of these points effect you.  


Accredited Within The UK

This means our accreditation is recognised within the UK, insurance may not be covered outside of the UK, always check with your insurance provider. Piercing Courses are currently not able to be accredited, ensure your insurance provider will cover you under these circumstances. 

-No Additional Charge For PDF Certificate 

Some course providers to charge separately for the course and certificate, ours are included in the price you pay. 

Deposits / Refunds

All courses, online, in store or both, require a 50% deposit as soon as the course is booked. This is refundable up until the remaining amount of the course is paid, and materials are sent out. You must give notice for cancellation or your deposit will only be refundable subject to cost and time wasted. 

How to purchase:

Purchase your course through our shop here on the website, if the option for online isn't available to buy, that's because it isn't available to be taken online. You will pay 50% deposit when purchasing your course  (allowing you to secure the price, secure your purchase and pay in sections). Once you are ready to pay the remaining amount and receive course materials, simply purchase the course again to pay the remaining 50%, if the price has changed since your last payment, make us aware and we can provide you with another method of payment to ensure you are not paying more than the first price you saw.

What you need to provide:

For online courses you must provide your own tools, equipment and model for video assessment.

For courses taken online and finished in store or completely in store we will provide everything required.

When will you receive a pass / certification:

You are not guaranteed a pass with any course, if you are unable to meet a certain standard by the end of the course, you will need further training, depending on the extent of the training, you may be charged an additional fee, we do provide support during training, and throughout your career free of charge, however the additional charge will cover cost of time that isn't usually required and the amount will depend on the type of training you need to meet standards. This situation is rare because of the way we have set up our courses, as well as offering up to 3 video calls, is usually more than enough to enable you to pass, however we understand that every individual is different, and may learn in a different way or need additional support, we do ask that you make us aware of anything you believe we should know, when it comes to your learning preferences, needs or skillset, this way we can adjust the learning methods to suit you completely, and give you even more chance of meeting the criteria to pass.


We advise against practising on human / live models until your video call / in salon assessment, any practice that takes place outside of our supervision,  will not be considered part of your course, or covered by our insurance and you will not be able to make a claim should an accident occur.